A Minute Meditation – March 3, 2018

We can be our own worst critic.

It is very easy to feel discouraged when we have done wrong.

Hindsight really provides a 20/20 perspective; looking back we can now easily see where we took a wrong turn and as a result we can be quite tough on ourselves.

It is at times like this that we should remember that just as a heart transplant isn’t a two hour procedure, a heart-change doesn’t happen overnight.

In the same way that surgeons try to anticipate any challenges that may occur during the operation and make plans to mitigate them, God knows our nature and has made accommodations for it.

He knows that we will make mistakes and that is why He assures us that if we are genuine in our repentance, He will give us a clean slate.

God is perfectly capable of using our mess-up as a step-up.

So dust yourself off, ask God for discernment to make better decisions and drive forward.

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