You do NOT have to die in order to rest in peace!

Jesus encourages us to experience both – in the present…right now…today!

He offers us rest, in exchange for our weariness.

He offers us peace…the kind that allows us to be calm while chaos swirls around us.

“I give you peace, the kind of peace only I can give. It isn’t like the peace this world can give. So don’t be worried or afraid.” John 14:27 CEV

Friends, maybe you’re like me.

You’ve been missing out on these fabulously-free gifts.

Well it is high time that we stop.
Like today!
Like now!

Pray with me…

Dear Father
Thank you for your gifts of rest and peace offered to me  by your Son.
Forgive me for my folly.
Forgive me for choosing anxiety and worry, stress and frustration and for rejecting what you so freely offer.
Today I claim the abundant life that you have in store for me – a life of peace and rest even in the middle of the strife and unrest that surrounds me.
I know there will be times when I’ll falter, but lean in really close to me then Lord so that I will not fall back into my old way of living.
This I ask in Jesus’s name, amen.

“I have come in order that you might have life — life in all its fullness.”
John 10:10 GNBUK


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