Any Which Way

And that’s that. His sovereignty is not dependent on our belief. It is what it is.


The woman with the issue of blood took a risk on Jesus. And it paid off. What about us? Are we willing to do the same with our issues?

Supernatural Power

Pray for those who persecute you. Matthew 5:44 No one ever said that being a Christian was going to be easy. Thankfully, He gives us His strength because that there is going to require something supernatural! #OnlyJesus

Head above the Water

When I feel like I’m drowning, Your promises keep me afloat. #Thankful#ThankfulThursday#ThankfulEveryDay

I am Trusting.

Dear Heavenly Father, as I step into the 2nd half of 2021, I am trusting You for more… -more faith-more wisdom-more patience-more love for others-more joy-more peace-more gentleness-more courage-more self control-more humility-more trust in Your divine perspective. Let there be less of me and more of You. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Dog Days

Some days I feel like the dog in the picture. Do you know what I’m talking about? Days when my energy is low, when I am frustrated and most importantly when I allow thoughts that should be passers-by to take up residence in my head. You’re not enough. Why try?That person is better at it…

I’m Thinking.

Note to self: If I find that my interest in things of God is decreasing, it means that my interest in things of the world is increasing. There is no in-between. In the same way that what I eat is what I am, what I feed my mind is what I  focus on. “Be careful…

Hard Head

I had mixed feelings tonight as I watched my daughter labour over an assignment which was given almost 2 months ago (lockdown learning) and is due tomorrow. On one hand, I wondered why would she do this to herself. I reminded her what seemed like a million times, and each time she put it off….

This is How…

n. Modus operandi – an approach to doing something. Romans 12:12 is the perfect modus operandi for Christians. We should be: -Filled with a deep-seated joy (not to be confused with temporal happiness)…we have Hope. -Patient in times of trouble…we know that God is still in control. -Prayerful always…we need that constant connection with God….


If there ever was a day I needed to claim this promise, it’s today. I am so thankful for a God who keeps His promises. Aren’t you?